20th Century Modern Furniture and Accessories

About Machine Age

Duxbury Residence

In about 1996 I discovered Machine Age when it was located on Congress Street. I had recently renovated my apartment in Boston and needed a bureau of a certain odd size. I found one, danish modern teak, and also a Bertoia diamond chair that seemed to go with the bureau. The bureau and chair were bought by chance, but as I learned more about modern furniture I began to appreciate that much of it was of excellent design and quality, sold at reasonable prices. I bought books, but the real fun was seeing the furniture first hand. I kept finding beautiful things that were not in the books. Some of it was irresistible. Some things I did resist and kick myself now because later they turned out to be rare and now very valuable. I inherited my grandmother’s house and decided to remodel it. In many cases I designed the house around the furniture I already had. Other times I found at Machine Age just what I needed to fit the space. Although I visited other modern furniture stores around the country, I found that Machine Age had the best choices at the best prices. My house is finished but I continue to visit the store not only to see the latest finds but also to look for improvements for some of the furniture I already have. The store remains endlessly changing. -Terry

Photography: Carl Tremblay www.carltremblay.com