20th Century Modern Furniture and Accessories

About Machine Age

Stoltze Residence

We go way back with Machine Age. For years, my design studio was around the corner from their shop, and once every week or two, I would stop by to see what had recently come in. Machine Age is not only a place where you can browse through an amazing, ever-expanding collection; it’s a place where you learn about the innovative pioneers of mid-century design. Normand is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in this field.

Our mid-century modern collection works well in the modest sized rooms of our mid-nineteenth-century vernacular home. We love the simple, highly functional designs from Eames, Knoll, Nelson, Aalto and McCobb, and while many of the classics are still being produced, there is something special about owning a piece that was of the era when modern design was groundbreaking.

Economics also played a part in our mid-century modern design collection, which came together slowly, deliberately, and practically. Unlike some of the other new contemporary furniture we had purchased, our mid-century pieces were not only retaining, but actually increasing in value with time. Many of the rare pieces we purchased from Machine Age, which may have seemed expensive at the time, have more than doubled in value.

I’ve also purchased some great pieces for my Fort Point studio, Stoltze Design, including a George Nelson reception desk and a Knoll conference table. We are proud to have recently redesigned the Machine Age site. It’s great to design for a subject and client you love!

-Clif & Carol