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Conceptual Teapot Copper Sculpture by Sergei Gritsay – No. 4


USA, 1980’s

One of five sculptures available.

Sergei Gritsay, metal artist, was born in Kiev, Ukraine in the former Soviet Union and began his career as an artist in the city of Minsk, Byelarus. He received his degree in Applied Art in Metal from the Minsk Art Institute, where he later held a teaching position. For several years prior to immigrating to the US, he was a commissioned artist for the city of Minsk where he created furniture, sculptures and interior/exterior design projects, including art and design works for cultural and municipal buildings, city squares, shops and restaurants.

After coming to the US in 1981, Gritsay continued to work exclusively in metal, creating furniture, craft works, wall sculptures, art lighting and custom works by commission. His work was selected for presentation in numerous juried exhibitions, and was represented by several distinctive galleries in the northeast.






Height: 12.5"
Width: 8"
Depth: 6"


Materials/Techniques: Copper