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[SOLD] Painting from the Egypt Series by Wilfried Gründler


Germany, 1990

demy in Essen and then served as assistant to the academy’s director, Hermann Schardt. In 1954, Gründler began work with Professor Walker Breker at the State Academy of the Arts in Düsseldorf. After finishing his studies, Gründler worked as the director of the graphics department at Droste Publishers. He then served as the head of advertising for Burda Publishers in Offenburg. Throughout the 1970s, Gründler worked as a freelancer in advertising, and during the 1980s and 1990s he exhibited his art extensively at numerous solo shows throughout Germany. His work has been collected by the German government and smaller municipalities.

On Gründler’s process, Reinhard End, curator at Museum Haus Löwenberg writes, “On his travels, such as to the USA, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Israel, he collects and stores his moods and artifacts. In his atelier at home he translates them onto paper with his sophisticated technique of of mixing tempera and acrylic. This is no transcript of a landscape in the documentary sense, but an artist’s condensed translation of images.”

This painting is from the artist’s Egypt series, about which Gründler writes, “Incessantly the wind inscribes its shapes into the sand. In this constant change, bizarre forms arise, which develop into ever new landscape pictures. The sum of these images is never ending. It is in the desert that one truly sees nature’s will to create, and the real painter is the wind.”




Excellent, recently reframed.


Height: 32.25"
Width: 42.75"
Depth: 1.5"


Materials / Techniques: Mixed media on paper, including tempera, India ink, spray paint, treated in wet state by frottage and other techniques.